Tm Desanamax (1.9 Oz Packets)

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TM Desana® Max 2-in-1 Cleaner
The worlds best beer line cleaner with color verification

  • 1.9 oz. Each
  • 5 year shelf life
    • Super-dry mono-dose packets can be stored in cold or warm for up to five years.
  • Safe & Exact Dosing
    • Each packet will make 1.2 gallons of solution. No incorrect dosing. Powder dissolves very quickly.
  • Reduce shipping cost
    • Eleven times less weight of its equivalent in liquids. Each case makes 270 gallons of solution.

How it Works
TM Desana® Max starts out Purple
Once in the lines, it will turn either Yellow or Green depending on the level of contamination.

  • Yellow = High Contamination
  • Green = Normal Contamination
  • Purple = Clean

Clean as recommended and flush lines with clean water. Reinsert a small amount of fresh mix.
If the product remains purple, your product lines are thoroughly CLEAN.

Tested & Approved
Some of the most renowned independent institutes and companies have tested and approved TM Desana® Max

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Safety Data Sheets – 20T02-100

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