Syrup Pump, Shurflo (3/8"B Out)

Syrup Pump, Shurflo (3/8"B Out)
SKU: 15C07-149


- Syrup Pump (3/8” S/S Barb liquid out)
- Designed for dispensing BIB syrups , WINES, TEAS, JUICES, MILK AND WATER
- Shuts off automatically when bag is empty and restarts with a new bag.
- Guarantees a steady supply of soda syrup under pressure to a post-mix dispenser valve.
- Quick disconnect fittings and snap-on bracket for ease of service.
- Gas operated--runs on CO2, Nitrogen or Compressed Filtered Air/
- Each pump handles 2 fast-flow or 4 regular valves.
- Complete with auto-sold-out.

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