Selecto Scientific CO2 Purification System

SKU: 09S03-100

CO2 Purification System: Removes any residual taste and odor from CO2 gas.

One high capacity filter runs all of your beverage systems! Perfect for either Beer Or Soda Applications.

Specified To:
– Provide 100% 0.5-1 micron solid particulate reduction
– Provide 100% oil aerosols and vapor reduction at 61 mg/m^3
– Increase carbonation

Flow Rate: 160SCFM
Pressure Drop: 8 PSI at 160 SCFM at 100 PSI
Min./Max. Pressure: 40-125 PSI
Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/2″ Barb Standard

Replacement cartridge #09S03-101
Selecto Scientific Model #IC614-CO2

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