Procon Pump, Series 1 w/Strainer

SKU: 09H02-146

Procon® Rotary Vane Fluid Pump

All pumps have a nominal speed of 1,725 RPM, a maximum discharge pressure of 250 PSI, clockwise rotation, and an adjustable relief range (if available).

Series 1
– Strainer area is 3.25 sq. inches.

Manufacturer No: 101B100F11BC099
Mount: Clamp-On
Drive Coupler: Double Flat Bronze
Flow Rate (GPH): 100 GPH
Seal: Nitrile
Relief Setting: 99 PSI
Capacity: 15 to 140 GPH
Nominal Speed: 1,725 RPM
Max. Discharge Pressure: 250 psi
Rotation: Clockwise
Dry Weight: ~2.75 lbs

Series 1 Pumps have a brass body and is design for operating flow rates of 15 GPH to 140 GPH. This series also have the protection of an integral inlet 100 mesh wire screen strainer that is equipped with a removable cap to allow periodic cleaning, every 4 months under normal conditions, more frequently with hard or turbid water.

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