O-Clamp, 2-Ear 5/8 (1518)

SKU: 06G08-123

Two-Ear Zinc Plated Clamps
Oetiker® – A Global Leader in Clamping Solutions

Oetiker No. 1518

Range Closed-Open: .591 – .709
Clamp Index: H
Nominal Size: 5/8″

– Manufactured cold rolled steel and zinc plated to improve durability and increase corrosion resistance
– All Oetiker® clamps have burr-free edges to protect parts and to prevent injury during assembly
– The clamp ears adjustable crimp range compensates for component tolerances and applied pressure

How to Order Clamps and Ferrules to Properly Fit Hose:
Selecting the correct clamp is similar to fitting a ring on your finger. There should be sufficient “play” to get the clamp on and off the hose wih ease. For softer vinyl hoses, the hose should be placed on the fitting before selecting a clamp size.

Priced per Bag(s) of 100pcs

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