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LUKR Side-Pour Specialty Faucet (Nostalgie-S/S)

SKU: 12L09-100

LUKR NOSTALGIE side-pour faucets provide standard pours for any Czech Pilsner Beer

LUKR NOSTALGIE side-pour faucets are well known around the world for their unique design and special pouring abilities

These faucets are the instruments of artists and can positively affect the taste of poured beer


  • Hladinka Has three fingers of wet, dense foam on top of the beer that gives it a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness while sealing in freshness and flavor.
    Pairs well with rich meals.
  • Šnyt Has two parts beer, three parts foam and one part empty space at top of glass. This is not as heavy as a large beer, but is more refreshing than a smaller beer.
    Pairs well with comfort foods like burgers or goulash.
  • Mlíko –  It’s a glass full of wet, dense foam with just a bit of beer at the bottom of the glass.  This brings out the rich aromas of the hops and the sweetness of the malt.  Looks like a glass of milk and is meant to be drank quickly before it settles back into beer.
    Pairs well with deserts as it is sweet and smooth.


*** PLEASE NOTE:  In order to install this faucet you will need an additional part 12C03-100 Faucet Adapter for European Faucets (Sold Separately) ***

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