ITW Secondary Dispense Regulator

ITW Secondary Dispense Regulator
SKU: 03L02-100
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Product Details

ITW Pressure Regulator Technologies

Dispense Regulator™
Perfectly poured beers every time! Minimize beer waste, maximize profits and save time on installation and service calls

  • Introducing the 1st truly innovative secondary regulator
    • Sleek inline design attaches directly to the gas port of any style of keg coupler
    • Dramatically decreases installation time compared to other types of secondary regulators
    • Based on proven medical technology, the Dispense Regulator™ provides high precision and lasting durability
    • Greatly reduces chances for leaks and can be leak tested under water
    • Preset output pressure at 12 PSI but can easily be adjusted to any PSI from 4-55 PSI

    Compatible with: CO2, N2, Gas Blends, Argon, O2, N2O, Beer, Soda, Wine, Coffee, and Kombucha

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