Field Kit (beer Washers)

SKU: 12D03-135

11″ x 61/2″ x 17/8″ clear plastic box with a generous assortment of common replacement parts for faucets, compression shanks, and keg couplers.

Beer Service Kit
Designed for beer service personnel

  • Kit Includes:
    • Faucet Replacement Parts:
      • 100pc Faucet Washers
      • 50pc Friction Rings
      • 50pc Friction Ring Washers
      • Plunger Seats
    • Compression Shank Replacement Parts:
      • 25pc Grommets
      • 5pc Goosenecks
      • 5pc Compression Nut
    • Sanke Keg Couplers Replacement Parts:
      • 100pc Beer Washers
      • 25pc Bottom Seals
      • 10pc Probe Seals
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