Elbow Tower, LH 3 Faucet Glycol Cooled (Polished S/S)

SKU: 11U07-104

Imported Polished Stainless Steel Columns & Towers
With Cooltap Shank Technology, 304 Grade S/S Shanks, & Chrome Plated Brass Faucets

Persey-Left 3 Faucets
Glycol Cooled

  • 3-1/3″ Diameter
  • 18-1/2″ Height
  • 20″ Width

Knobs Sold Separately

All towers are manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel and highly polished to mirror finish.

Shanks bolt into large aluminum blocks with copper recirculation lines passing through the blocks to insure most optimal cooling of the shanks. Beer lines and copper glycol lines are bundled together in an insulated foiled enclosure providing efficient convection cooling of beer lines. Cold shanks are separated from the body of the tower by thermo-seals insuring no condensation on the tower. Each beer line is vinyl 3/16″ I.D. and 5′ long for easy installation and proper beer restriction (6′ long for elevations above 5000′). Glycol lines are 3/8″ copper with 3/8″ barbed ends.

NEW VERSION: 11U07-312

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