Draftec Beer Line Cleaner W/ Blue Tracer Dye

Draftec Beer Line Cleaner W/ Blue Tracer Dye
SKU: 20A11-103
**Free Freight for 52 Case Pallet**
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Product Details

Meet the strongest line cleaner in the USA
Draftec 100% American | Owned and Manufactured

Beer Line Cleaner
For ALL hard water conditions

  • 32 oz. Blue Bottle
  • Traceline Indicator
  • Resists corrosion in stainless steel tanks
  • Lowest foam formula, leaves surfaces free of any build-up

DRAFTEC'S proprietary additive package was designed to attack every element of beer stone when beer breaks down in your draft lines.
DRAFTEC will eliminate mineral crystals, hops resins, proteins, carbohydrates and biofilms that are embedded in the polymers of the beer tubing.

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