Cartridge, QC500

SKU: 09S03-205

Selecto Quick Change Modular Filter Systems
With Hollow Carbon Technology & Turbo Design

Replacement Cartridge for #09S03-200

Mfg No: QC 500-2
Application: Fountain
Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
Rated Capacity Chlorine: 11,000 Gallons
Rated Capacity Chloramine: 6,000 Gallons
Rated Capacity Scale Inhibitor: N/A

Hollow carbon technology contains small void spaces that act as a mechanical super-filter. This property removes dust particles while eliminating the need for a membrane or prefilter. Yet the filter technology still allows high flow rates and low pressure drops. Surrounding the carbon is a exclusive high porosity shell, a porous wrapper that ensures the maximum efficiency of the hollow carbon particles within.

The result is excellent reduction of chlorine, chloramine, odor, live cyst, microspheres and turbidity. The combination of hollow carbon particles and the turbo design ensures much higher contact time compared to traditional flow designs. SMF Systems provide ten times the capacity of conventional filters for particulate removal.

Quick change cartridges can be used in older systems by using an adapter. Call for more information!

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