Brix Pump, Shurflo (5:1)

Brix Pump, Shurflo (5:1)
SKU: 15C07-133


- Brix Proportioning Pump : 5:1 Proportion
- Designed for the Dispensing of Syrups, Juice and Mix concentrate
- Easily allows concentrates with pulp , stringy pulp or particulate to flow through
- The Brix pump is a proportioning device, which pumps two liquids (e.g. water and concentrate) in an exact ratio. The particular ratio is determined by the pump design, and is thereby maintained precisely, independent of system flow or pressure changes, with no need to regularly readjust brix at the dispensing valve.
- The pump operates on the source pressure of one of the liquids; typically the incoming water, eliminating the need for CO2 or electric power.
- All brix pumps have a metal mounting bracket, 3-way sanitizing valve, and vacuum shut-off valve (sold out feature) which keeps the system primed when water or syrup flow stops.

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